Which casino games pay most

Win more at better gambling sites

The reason why the best paying casinos are so popular in 2022 is of course because you prefer to win as much as possible when you go to a casino. There is nothing worse than going to play at a casino in good spirits only to find out that it has a low RTP. That is why we have listed the online casinos with the highest payouts for you. You can find the best selected gambling sites in Canada at Canada Casino Hub.

Best Paying Casino Slot Providers

As you may know there are almost as many developers of online slots as there are online casinos. Of course, all these providers have their own pros and cons. We have listed a few for you where it is in any case good with the RTP:

Casino NetEnt : This is probably the most recognizable name when it comes to online slots. The reason why NetEnt slots studio has become so big is partly due to the high RTP percentages, which were groundbreaking especially in the early years of the developer.
Casino Playtech : Playtech is also one of the bigger names in the online casino world. Despite the fact that not the entire portfolio of this developer consists of games with a high RTP, Playtech does offer the games with the highest RTP of the moment.
Casino Microgaming : This developer has taken some time to keep up with competitors like NetEnt. However, if Microgaming does something, then the provider does it right. After all, who can forget the immensely popular jackpot game Mega Moolah ? This Microgaming slot game is known for its high payouts.

What Is A Good Payout Percentage (RTP)?

The RTP is a percentage that shows how much of the bets actually go back to the players. The abbreviation stands for Return to Player which in English means back to the player. You can usually find these percentages in the game information. Normally values on slot machines are 60 to 80% and on the highest paying slots 96 to 99%. Still, each game has its own charm and its own target audience.

Win Percentages Per Game

  • Punto Banco : >99%
  • Blackjack : >99%
  • Roulette : >97%
  • Online Scratch Cards : >95%
  • Online Slots : 60% – 99%
  • Lotteries : 35% – 65%

If you are looking to win as much as possible, you can also look at the best paying casino games instead of looking at the provider. These can surprise you quite a bit. It is not the slots, but the casino table games that have the lowest house edge. Blackjack is number 1, followed by roulette and Punto Banco. However, don't take these numbers blindly, as these are just averages. It is recommended to check the RTP before playing a game.

Highest Payout Casinos

A casino itself cannot determine how much it pays out to players in winnings. This is all regulated by the RNGs of the software developers who provide the games to the casino. At most, the casino can choose to only offer games with high RTPs, also known as payout percentages, in order to ensure that as much money as possible is paid out to the players.

Conversely, they can also ban game providers that offer games with an RTP that is too low. Although this is sometimes difficult because slot machines with a low RTP are often very popular.